Friday, April 30, 2010

City Insights

Oostduinkerke is a popular seaside resort in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The name Oostduinkerke can be translated as 'Eastern Church of the Dunes'. Oostduinkerke is part of Koksijde, which also includes St-Idesbald and Wulpen. There are nice Oostduinkerke hotel in the city to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. This is the best place to visit with the family. This town have beautiful beaches. Some of the hotels Oostduinkerke are located along the coastal line. Oostduinkerke lies amidst a dune area which is now a protected nature reserve. Promenade or a walk in the nature reserves will give you a refreshing experience. While staying and enjoying in hôtels Oostduinkerke you can enjoy awalk along this sandy beach. The sandy beach stretches from 250 to 700 m at ebb-tide and extends over 30 km, via De Panne to the beach of Dunkirk (France), which explains why Oostduinkerke is popular with sand yachters and parakarters. Popularity of Ooostduinkerke among the tourists have put a pressure on the country's economy to come up with new Hotels Oostduinkerke . Oostduinkerke is known for its shrimpers on horseback, a considerable tourist attraction. It is the only place in the world where you can see such shrimpers. Fishery folklore is still very much alive. This is the right place to enjoy your holiday. Although its a very small town not that eminent but still catched the eye of tourists. Enjoy your holiday by staying in a good hoteles Oostduinkerke of the town and rejuvenate your energies.


When enjoying your stay in hoteles Oostduinkerke visit to the main attraction of the city. One of the best attraction of the city is Aqua Park.It is one of the best places to take the whole family for a day out, this aqua-park has everything you need to keep everyone amused. Choose from a massive variety of water related fun and games, aqua-tubes, slides, whirlpools and wave machine. It is one of the most popular attractions in the community and can become very busy in the height of the summer season. After relaxing in your Oostduinkerke hotel you could also visit the aqua park which is very famous here. Oostduinkerke has several museums. The National Fishery Museum gives a historical survey of Flemish fishery and shows among other things scale models of fishing boats from 800 AD up to the present, and an original fisherman's cottage. Other museums are: 'The Key and Lock Museum' (a unique historical survey of 3,000 years of keys and locks), a regional museum 't Krekelhof (a huge collection of craft objects and curiosities from the 19th century), and Florishof (old crafts and folkloristic objects). There are hoards of tourists visit here every year. To make their stay comfortable more and more Oostduinkerke hôtel should be built in the city to boost the tourists visit to the city. This city has a diverse and scintillating nightlife so you can enjoy the most. hotels Oostduinkerke in which you'll stay gives you an excellent chance to enjoy your stay.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Belgian coast

Belgian coast is a marvellous place to explore. If you prefer the coast and seaside stay you should visit here and stay in the luxe hotels kust of your choice. The beach also gives the spirit-lifting glimpse of waves. There are plenty of alternatives on the coast. The dunes are pleasant and the cool breeze is refreshing. Belgian coast also have a heap of good goedkoop hotel kust . It is a 65 kms wide beach. The sandy beach gives you an excellent chance to explore the place in enormous ways. It has a sandy coastline and also have 15 resorts. All the 15 resorts have plenty of good weekendje aan zee to make your stay more pleasurable and let you enjoy the most. It also offers a wide range of sports and recreation facilties. One of the greatest attraction of the Belgian coast is the number of casinos. It also offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities. Its the best place to rejuvenate life.

Belgian Coast

All the resorts here is unique and differentiating from each other. This sandy beach gives you an opportunity to enjoy the most. It is an enchanting beach for children, young, adult. The beaches shelve out gently to sea, and life guards ensure everyone's safety. There are a number of good hotels Belgian Coast in line. You could also get tanned while enjoying on the beach but here you'll get a healthier tan than in Southern Europe. Food is great here you can eat whatever you like. Here the hotels Cote Belge are comfortable and gives you enormous ways to enjoy. Belgian Coast have 15 resorts out of which Blankenberge and Knokke-Heist is the most visited one. It is also one of the famous tourist destinations. While staying in hotels Belgische Kust you can also enjoy the promenade along the beach. Food is great here you can eat according to your taste. This place also specializes in sea food.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Hotels in the city

Domein Westhoek

Domein Westhoek

Domein Westhoek is located in the heart of the dunes, just a few metres away from the beach. Nieuwpoort with its attractive marina is nearby. The centre location of this citytrip ostend gives you an opportunity to explore the coast. This is a fully furnished hotel with all the latest and modern amenities. This hotel is a best place to relax and enjoy your stay in the city. hotels in londen centrumare very luxurious and a best place to stay.

Hotel Lehouck

Hotel Lehouck

Hotel Lehouck is a cosy restaurant, with small and friendly establishment is ideally situated just few metres from the beach of Koksijde, making it an ideal place for a beach holiday. This Visiting hotels in Amsterdam offers a pleasant and comfortable stay fully equipped with all the facilities. Other than the beach, you could go on a shopping trip in the town or visit the Plopsaland theme park. This hotel is located in a nearby destination.